Zero Boys Per Bed! Girls Dream of Sex with Other Girls

March 18, 2011 by voodoobrb  
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Zero boys per bed! Girls dream of sex with other girls.

A naked girl excite both men and women. Researchers have messed up putting thousands to demonstrate that women’s magazines to browse hundreds of sexy, just like any home party was enough for conclusions: in the right context, few women give back to the sensual experience, if not sexual, with other women. 	Zero penisuri per pat! Fetele viseaza la sex… cu alte fete

Increasingly more … lesbian?
Basically, from one generation to another, women are becoming increasingly attracted to other women. If in 1990, the United Kingdom, 2.8% of women said they had a homosexual experience, but not necessarily one that includes genital contact, in 2000 the number had increased more than three times: about 10% of women said they have had such experiences. How about sex that includes genital contact in 10 years the percentage increased from 0.6 to 2.6. The number of men who answered the same questions, did not increase as dramatically.

The study shows that either people are more willing to talk about their sexual experiences, or are more likely to experience. And women, it seems, come hard after all. Bolder and more curious, they give free rein to fantasies. What fantasy!

She has fantasies with … neighbor?
When asked directly, many women admit that forms a woman seem more attractive than those of a man. In the words of Elaine from Seinfeld: “A woman’s body is a work of art, while the body of a man is … good. I do work with him. It’s like a Jeep. “ So it is possible that while having sex, a guy and a girl to think about … the same person!

Another reason for women include other women in their fantasies or even in their bed is that in today’s society it is acceptable or even cool to be … “bi-curious” , a term which could be translated into Romanian as “indefinite about sexual orientation. “ It does not mean every woman is a lesbian who wants to see if an orgasm with another woman. How come it’s like the restaurant you order something, but you could not taste and what your friend has ordered. Just so, just so you know what you’re missing …

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