Your Girlfriend Faithful?? Sure???

October 26, 2012 by Rizki ilahi  
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What woman would not want to have a male partner loyal and responsible. But unfortunately, find men with the above criteria as tricky.

Fortunately, there are characteristics that can be seen on the man himself faithful. If you see these traits in your partner, then be happy. What is it?

     * Respect. A faithful man will definitely appreciate her and respect her. He was not going to demean or belittle the opinions and words of women. Included also did not do things that damage the dignity of the woman. For example, verbally or physically abusive.

     * Intelligent control of emotion. Men are usually not emotionally faithful, and able to control his emotions. He will not blindly when angry, let alone cursing her partner, and physical violence.

     * Just promise. Good and faithful man will always try to fulfill the promise he made to her. Commitment is what will she keep her partner in order to maintain confidence.

     * Not capers and narcissistic. Men are always trying to attract the attention of a lot of women, it was a sign he was not a faithful man. Especially if he is narcissistic, self praise or considers himself the greatest. That’s not a characteristic of a man faithful.

     * Smart grateful. Men will faithfully clever grateful with everything he had, including thankful to be your partner. Gratitude that he would have made ​​it keep what they have very well.

Well, are characteristic of these loyal men exist on your partner?

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