You Know Who You are

May 11, 2013 by Jaime Montgomery  
Published in Women

Letting go of An Abusive Spouse or Partner.

Blood stains show on the wall -

must have been from her fall;

The bruises he left should have told it all;

But no one heard her call -

It’s over now and she will no longer hurt,

he has no sorrow, no remorse, only dirt -

He looks in the mirror and trembles at what he see’s -

her face covered in blood; he falls to his knees -

He got what he wanted – he sent her away -

But now she appears to him everyday.

The agony he see’s; the innocence of her eyes -

how could she be there? Didn’t she die?

But everyday she comes, becoming clearer everyday;

reminding him of his anger, his ruthlessness –

it starts to drive him insane – he screams to her to Just Go AWAY!!

But she keeps her promise to always be there, to stay with him, to always care -

“until death do us part” in the promise they made -

Slowly he deteriorates – shadows slowly fade -

His mind starts to go, images start to appear -

In his mind he knows it’s over -

Then he feels the FEAR -

The memories set in – pure physical pain -

For once HE can feel it – down comes the rain -

A rein of Fire consumes his soul -

She’s standing there smiling, as she watches him go -

He watches her face one last time -

It fills with life, the tears are gone- the blood disappears, her eyes fill with tears -

for at last HER peace is near……

At last she is free as she let’s him go – her promise is over – forever is no more.

Liked it

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