You are Beautiful

September 2, 2009 by Elle Birch  
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A focus on inner beauty,Self-searching,Advice,encouragement,for young woman. Written by a lady in her twenties.

From a girl’s first Barbie doll, to her years spent in the awkward stages of adolescence, a woman spends much time learning to walk. Crawling and falling is simply a part of finding a reliable form of transportation to get her where she wants to go. The journey to self involves a seemingly endless amount of questions: Who am I? What are my dreams? What are my values? Where? When?  Most importantly, HOW?????  We all fundamentally seek direction and purpose whether that direction is winding and expands us across the globe, or keeps us in our homes. The question is; how do we climb and enjoy every moment of it rather than spending all of our time wondering what the view is like from the top? The only way to find some answers is to never stop questioning. experimentingis a very important part of growing up. We as humans form our choices based on our life experiences. Change your furniture around, try a new food, do something daring, go somewhere you’ve never been, observe, invent, and push your personal limitations. After all,where would be if not for those outside the box thinkers who made miracles out of mistakes and suffered social ridicule while their masterpieces were under construction. We as young woman are under constant construction. The key to being able to endure all the hammering and avoiding permanent damage caused by stray nails is to learn from your mistake. Dig below the surface before you form an opinion because things are not always as they seem. You can still experience all of life’s wonder without getting caught in too many spider webs when you find yourself in a corner. The image you have of yourself will be a reflection of how the world sees you. Regardless of what type of battle paint you use to cover or the amount of skin you uncover is your personal preference; however it is irrelevant to your “internal mirror”. Most of the beauty our hearts appreciate the most does not come from the cover of a glossy magazine. When our beautiful bones fade away it is what our predecessors will find among the gorgeous wreckage that will really matter most. Things like love, compassion, strength, intelligence, and spirit. Set your own standards for beauty. Let your questions lead to something beautiful, let your endurance be gorgeous, and let your ideas make a bold fashion statement. There are many different colors and shapes of eyes. It is the dreams we have behind them that allow us to truly see things in their true form. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Your best laid plans can quickly change, which is not always a bad thing. Enjoy all the umbrella-less rainy days. You’ve never lived unless you have danced in a storm. In order to feel a sense of happiness it is absolutely necessary to laugh at yourself. Remember, you are beautiful.

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    this is very inspirational

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