Yin and Yang: Resolving The Domestic Violence Dilemma – Part Three

May 4, 2012 by blanka  
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The unbridled truth about why things are only getting worse… and the only truthful solutions to making them work right again.


Ha! Nasty thing rears its ugly head again. It’s what makes smart people do stupid things; it’s what makes good women give up on their husbands when they know better deep down in their hearts. Fear is why a man would think he’s woman is cheating on him when she isn’t, and it is what would make him unable to forgive her if she does cheat on him. The very thought would be “what happens if she does it again?’ Funny thing is, she probably would… and vice versa. It is fear that make us know that perseverance would get us where we need to be, but we’d still be impatient enough to try to take short cuts, or worse still, quit because we aren’t sure we can take it anymore.

Truth is, nobody is having it easier than the other. Men have a huge job on their hands and many cringe at the thought of making that kind of commitment. Women are bound by the same law to work with and submit to the man irrespective of what choices he makes, whether he beats or cheats on them, or whether he ignores them completely. Tough. Why, going back all the way to The Fall of mankind, God’s words to Eve precisely were : Your desire shall be unto your husband, and he shall rule over thee. Men, talk about the short end of the stick! It realy ain’t up to her anymore – she has to subjugate herself to the man.


Tackling the Domestic Violence Issue

Problem with domestic violence to day is that these golden rules have all but been forgotten. No woman wants to be submissive to a man – not to her father or to her husband… not to anyone who is not her boss and can help her get a better job or a promotion in the office. She wants to think of herself as equal to the man now – better than him even, even though she’s not physically strong enough to hold that position. She still wants to have sex with him, but more for the pleasure she can derive for it than for the idea of actually giving him pleasure. Many times, she even wants to brag about this to her friends. She wasn’t meant to – not to be so independent, not to be so on her own or by herself, not to run things or be the boss, not to compete with her hubby or be bigger or better than him – she was never built for it! And so, she steps in the man’s face and his ego can’t take it, and even though he knows better, one day he snaps… and then we have a bunch of bruised and battered women in society who are unabel to forgive their men for what they (the women) have done. And we have these women breeding other little girls and briging them up in that doctrine of fear and hatred, anger and unforgiveness, spawning more and more evil in society, bringing up boys who never learn to respect themselve, much less a woman… and yielding even more battered women… all because of fear, pride, selfishness, and not wanting to do what the word says.

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2 Responses to “Yin and Yang: Resolving The Domestic Violence Dilemma – Part Three”
  1. LCM Linda Says:

    Fear not only makes people suffer, but also can deteriorate a relationship and cause great harm.

  2. blanka Says:

    Tell ‘em, Linda. Tell ‘em good.
    Thanks. Call again.

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