Yin and Yang: Resolving The Domestic Violence Dilemma – Part One

May 4, 2012 by blanka  
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The unbridled truth about why things are only getting worse… and the only truthful solutions to making them work right again.

The funniest thing about this debate is… it’s not a debate at all. It is practically settle for all the attention and stipulations given to it in the media and even in the law. You cannot hit a woman, or you’ll end up in prison; and you totally cannot even raise your hand to her if she’s your wife – you simply don’t. It hardly matters what she may have done to you, how or why… unless she’s just tried to kill you and you have the evidence to show it, and you actions in responseare clearly documented and witnessed by others to be in self-defense… YOU NEVER HIT A WOMAN.

Perhaps the most disturbing little detail to be had with this discussion is when one brings the bible and Christianity into the picture. The bible clearly says that wives should be in total submission to their husbands; and the way most folks interprete that in modern day is that many individuals, especially Christian men, tend to use this as an excuse to subjugate their wives and even perpetrate domestic violence. Funny, it is totally true… except that there are several other angles that are being neglected and overlooked in the talks about men and women, husbands and wives, male and female – yin and yang.

The problem is taking the bible out of context – picking only one part and trying to live with it, rather than understanding and respecting the fact that is merely a part of a whole, and the whole should all be taken ‘with a pinch of salt’, and employed together for the best of result!

Wives are supposed to be in submission – yes, the bible says that; and yes, the bible also says that men should treat their wives with respect and honor as the weaker vessel, which is why you don’t ever lay your hands on your wife – right?


The thing is, there are rules for men and there are rules for women in the bible, and there are a lot of them. The thing is, the rules of the man do not depend on the woman obeying her part of the rules; and the rules of the woman are not dependent on the man living up to his part – each party is merely meant to give the best that they can to the ‘collective’ irrespective of how the other person reacts or responds.

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