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April 20, 2009 by voiceofawoman  
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An article comparing the The Stepford Wives, The Desperate Housewives and The Real Lives.

Are we Independent Woman, or are we not?

What is the independent dream? Do you dream about having two cars, the beautiful house, lots of money? Or are we really crying out for that knight in shining armour? The wealthy man that whisks us away and provides us with the life that we deserve.

If we had this life, would we throw in the towel and settle for Kneading dough, baking bread and cakes and don’t get me wrong; I adore the smell of fresh bread and I love making cakes.

  • Ask yourself these questions;
  • Do you work because we have to?
  • Are you subconsciously giving out the impression that you are comfortable and not dependable, when you really want to be looked after and nurtured?
  • Are you looking for freedom of responsibility but at the same time proving that we are responsible?

And finally,

  • Are the words we want to hear “I Love You” or are they secretly “you’ll never have to work again baby?”

Most women today will resent the Stepford wives but welcome the Desperate House Wives. What is it about the ladies of leisure that we find so appealing? Are we drawn to look up to women that can work but have the choice not to, hence, living the way they want to.

Yes! Woman with freedom of choice is what we want to be.

Having the choice opens up a world of opportunities for the independent woman. But then again, having the world of choices can make us complacent and even unhappy.

Happiness is the core of our true inner desire.

Try theses steps;

Take a moment and think about what would truly make you happy? If you think it’s the perfect house and garden, think again.

What is it about the house and garden that you love? Is it the minds picture of a perfect family? If so, could that be interpreted to Love?

Or maybe it’s being a chief executive of a firm. Is it really the CEO title that would make you happy? Or is it Power and Recognition that you want?

When we know what we really want and what makes us truly happy. We then know ourselves.

That is when we become the free women of choice. Women of choice work to achieve the independence of being an individual with a great purpose!

By Melanie Haggins

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