Women Who Buy Love

April 13, 2010 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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How much is this relationship costing you? What you are asking him for does not cost him anything. Apparently he thinks he is worth a lot and you are worth nothing therefore he bequeaths nothing while you continue to furnish his inestimable and infinite worth.

What happens when you buy love?

        I recently received an email from an American woman who bought herself a Jamaican husband.   According to the female, she met her Jamaican partner on line and decided that she was willing to go all the way with this charming, seductive and appreciative man. It never occurred to her that the charming personality was a ploy utilized to fox her into believing that she had found true love and to facilitate the economical advancement of the male through overseas migration and a visa. One woman wrote that Jamaican men treat their women like dogs once they get their visas and are on America soil.



                  The man logs on to the internet in hopes of snatching a wealthy or perceivable well off foreigner who is desperate for love and overweight (that adds more to her self diffidence), a plus for the male who intends to exploit her distorted sense of self to the fullest extent.


  There are many Jamaican young men who go on the internet in hope of finding a fat American woman whose self esteem is low enough to think that she can buy a husband or that she needs to earn love and companionship from a man.   An American woman who is not confident enough to know she is entitled to sincerity, love, honesty and affection from a man without having to dig deep into her pockets.   Who knows that she is valuable, with an inherent worth which makes her deserving of real love and true happiness. 


         But she cannot help falling in love with prince charming who leads a highly promiscuous life with numerous baby mothers left in his native land?  A man, who sweeps her off her feet, loves her regardless of her weight and other self conceived deficiencies. A person to assuage the loneliness that she feels in her heart,   she does not realize that she is merely a meal ticket to escape the banality and hardship of life in lower class Jamaica.



            You do not have to buy love and if you intend to buy love ensure that you are getting your moneys’ worth because people who purchase love rarely get satisfaction or what they paid for.  Some continue to spend, hoping that by investing more, they will generate greater returns only to suffer greater lost and others bankruptcy.

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6 Responses to “Women Who Buy Love”
  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Very interesting but love can not be bought, it can only be faked when money is involved.

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Excellent advice and post as usual. Very thought provoking questions. I think a relationship is about compromise. But a woman shouldn’t be making compromises unless the guy has proven himself and you know he is a catch. Some women are too weak-minded shopping and spending a fortune on gifts for their boyfriends. I see them at the mall all the time. This one girl her boyfriend was calling her all kinds of names and yelling at her and she still spent $300 worth of clothes for him.

    When it comes to men, don’t do anything. Just sit back and relax and let love find you. I am guessing since men love to be the pursuers.

  3. VTech Says:

    Nice One , Thanks For Sharing.

  4. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I guess some women are stupid enough to believe love can be bought but they should know better. Maybe your article will wake some woman up who is considering buying a husband.I hope so.

  5. karen Says:

    I been dating a jamacain guy know for 1yr he seen to a good guy the truth i’ve falling in love with him he wants me to live him some i guess that’s giant step i know he love’s me because he show’s in a lot of was it’s true jamacain men are damm good lover ’s an he is an older guy. an he know’s how to layit down if you know what i mean .

  6. jstar Says:

    @ karen…just enjoy yourself. Although I would say that most women fat or thin have gone to Jamaican and fallen for one of these guys. My first trip there it happened to me and I went back and forth for almost 1 year about 4 times before I found out he was married already to a much older women. And Although I love it there and go back often, even lived there in the winters and have continued to date them while I am there, it is now really easy to not take them seriously, and just enjoy myself while treating them respectfully and not like a piece of meat I do not buy them anything in fact I still except them to pay when we go out and most likely the money they use to do so was sent to them from some other woman abroad (so sad) because at the end of the day they are suffering too. Imagine feeling like your life can not progress unless you leave your native land and the only way you can do that is to pimp yourself out. I do have to commend them for keeping up such a noble face while carrying such a burden.

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