Women Who are Ill-treated

January 23, 2010 by amrita.s  
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Married women still face ill-treatment at their husbands home, in rural and urban sections of the society.

It is sad to see that so many women still suffer ill-treatment and inhuman behaviour in the hands of their inlaws in India.


There are still many women in urban and rural sections of the society, who are exposed to constant abuse and torture. Some educated women still have an option to earn their own living and lead an independent life.


However, women in remote places and rural clusters are still defenceless and helpless. Their husbands treat them as if they are bovine cattle and their mother in laws make their life hell.


These women belong to very poor houses and their guardians are not able to take any responsibility for their daughters. In addition, most of these women are illiterate and are not educated enough to make a decent living on their own.


In urban houses, nowadays, it is a different story. Girls are educated and work in good firms. However, back in their matrimonial homes, the scene does not change. If not physical, they are rampantly exposed to emotional and mental cruelty by their husband and in-laws.


We should have stronger laws to fight such evils and persecute such inhuman specimens.


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