Women Who Abuse Their Husbands

November 24, 2010 by Leslie Ator Saunders  
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Nowadays, woman have it the hardest of all. They have kids that they have to take care of, one or even two jobs, they have to clean the house and do a number of other tasks that they don’t like to do but have to do in order to survive. And who does these women take it out on? Their husbands, that’s who.

More and more women are taking out their aggressions on their husbands these days more than ever before. They hit them, throw things at them, even beat their beaus with extension cords or pots and pans.

Often enough, their husband has to make excuses for the black eyes, swollen faces or scratch marks, that is left on their faces from their frustrated, angry, miserable wives. They may make up excuses stating, that they bumped into a door, fell down the stairs or got scrached by the cat.

Women these days have a double whammy. They have to work, clean the house, do laundry and wash and dry the dishes. People are rude to them at work and it seems that they get less credit unlike men for their industrious tasks that they  have to do.

Women who lead busy lives often think that they so much want to please their spouse but no matter what they do for their husbands, it’s never good enough, so they take out their anger and frustrations on them.

Woman who verbally and physically abuse their husbands, do feel terrible about themselves after abusing their spouses and they cry and they swear to themselves and of course their husbands that they are sorry and through tears they state that it will never happen again. But then it always does.

Women who abuse their men or vise versa are sick and should get marriage counselors as help for their many problems that their marriage carries so things can get better. This way the abuse will faulter.

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