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January 2, 2013 by poeticsoultress1977  
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Battle of the Sexes will always be apart of life.

In the last few days, I have come to realize that women and men emotions are so not sync. Women was born to nurture, comfort and love to openly. Men was born to be strong and provide. Growing up young ladies are taught to nurture by playing with doll babies and young men are taught to be strong by being told not to cry because men don’t cry.

Now, we take all that we learn and we grow into women and men. Women are emotional human beings but is that wrong? When we get involved with a man, is it so wrong to want him to be a little emotional. Does that make him less of a man? No, i don’t think so. If a man loving a woman and she hurting him, what’s wrong with him crying? If a woman is expressing her feelings, why do a man feel she is nagging or whining? I know every man isn’t the same. This world do have some men who isn’t afraid to show emotions, feelings and love. But those men get labeled as gay, faggots or sissy and truth is they are not homosexual. 

Men ego and pride has  a lot to do with hidden emotions while women don’t care about any of that. When women are hurt, we cry. When a man is hurt he either shutdown or become angry. But he will never say, “I am hurting”. I will never understand the inner makings of men and women but I do know women want some kind of emotions from their man and they not getting it. Why is that? No women want the crazy, derange and jealous emotions most men give and some women have them emotions as well. I don’t see nothing wrong with a man crying over a man, showing so much love to his woman and just being a human being. Yes, women want a strong man but we don’t want a heartless man.

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