Women- The Endless Journey to Understand

July 29, 2013 by divine 25  
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Men have always sought to understand them but come up short. I give my thoughts on why men cant understand women.

Guys have always tried to understand and relate to women but always seem to fall short.  The first reason why this occurs is because  they are on different levels of awareness.  Most men see things on a physical sense and don’t really look beyond the five senses. Women on the other hand see things more  with a intuition. The way I look at it is that men want the physical  desires to be met and women want the emotional and mental comforts.  This can cause  quite a conflict but can also be a good thing because it offers a challenge for both sides.

Several solutions that come to mind  are listening to each other and try gaining a perspective on each other.  There are also some really good and insightful books to read. Maybe in the end we really aren’t suppose to understand the opposite sex totally.

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