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November 15, 2013 by Jswana  
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Yes, these men have a type too………..

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Married men may have the so-called “woman of their dreams” at home but they have a specific type that they search for when they’re seeking extra-marital affairs.  These women share a lot in common but for sure there is one common bond: lack of conscience……….

  • Single:  Many married men go after the single woman, maybe because of the easier access when he’s free. Some single women prefer the married man for money and fun and the fact that he cannot rightfully tell her what to do when she returns to her “main” boyfriend……
  • Attractive:  Most of the women that men look for when in need of an affair is the attractive woman.   When these men need a respite from their wives they call themselves seeking a good reason for playing around so in their mind, the “lucky” lady must at least look the part………
  • Vain:  Many of the women that these men seek out are the vain women.  Vain women love to think that they are providing the man with something that his wife does not provide and cannot provide so she has to be vain enough to think that although she won’t inherit the property, won’t  be left in the Will, don’t have the children…she’s still the best.  Why?  Because he’s convinced her that she’s giving him what the wife won’t…..
  • Easy Women:  Men that are attracted to and hooking up with outside women don’t have time for the long dating experience, therefore she has to work a little faster on her game.  She’ll have to be easy, not too complicated and present the least challenge.
  • Insecure:   Many of the these women are also very insecure, which is probably why they’re single.  Vanity and insecurity do go hand in hand.  She uses vanity to hide her uncertainty and him to make her feel like she’s better.  She believes his words of affection and believes that she is as beautiful as he claims……
  • Cold and Removed:  These women are essentially cold.   she doesn’t have that warmth factor that makes her conscience kick in, like thinking what she’s doing to the Spouse or children.  Lovely women this is…..
  • Competitive:   This woman has to be competitive of course because knowing that he’s married, she  has put herself in an upward position because she feels that she’s a cut above the wife, that they share something far  more sensitive, passionate and powerful.  She hasn’t won anything amongst her real peers since they’ve likely made their own lives so she plays the Nemesis against a woman she doesn’t know….
  • Greedy:  Most outside women of married men are also greedy because wonder of wonders, these men often give their other women money and gifts.  It’s kind of a way of keeping her content enough not to erupt and tell about the affair.  This women doesn’t give a hoot about money that could be taken away from his family.  Usually what the outside women thinks is a lot of money is his residual money; money he has left over that he can play with…..
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