Women Scientists in History

April 28, 2012 by LanaThorn  
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The women who made a huge impact in science!

Science is seen as a male dominated field. There are famous men we all know such as Darwin and Einstein. But women have been making a huge difference in Science since around the 4th century. Agnodike was the first ever female physician, she actually predicted eclipes. In the 11th century university education began and many women were not allowed to attend this type of education, hard to believe. But in Italy the Bologina university did allow women to attend, giving them a medical education. Which in turn produced one of Italy`s first physicians Dorotea Bucca. But back in England women were not accepted in the scientific feild until the 17th century. many of the women before the 17th century who wanted to be involved in the science world lived and worked in Germany. One of these amazing women Maria Winkelmann, who was educated by her father, actually discovered a comet, she went on to be one of Germany`s famous Astronomers. Even though she was turned down by the Berlin academy, she didn`t let this stop her. Finally in the 19th -20th century The london school of medicine, which was the first of its kind in the uk. Gave many women the chance to succeed in Science. Marie Curie was the first woman to win a nobel prize in Physics in 1903, this amazingly talented woman went on to win a double nobel prize in 1911, for her work on radiation. With this women in science became more celebrated. Sadly it was not until the 70`s that women Scientists were more widley known for their valuble contributions to Sience.

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