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March 3, 2011 by sannumkaboroo  
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Women is all time on job but there diffrence in her status respect and moral on the basis of area .in cities she is respected and in villages she is degraded. who suggest these grades?

         Women in asia is having a panic in her daily life. she is dependent, only women in cities enjoy freedom. She has less burden on her shoulder and enjoys her will. her husband shares her expenses. Which is only 15%. women in cities earn her own and is educated she can raise her child as she can do with her best . She can provide better life and food to her children. In many cases she have a love marriage where she enjoys a happy ever after . But if not than after divorce she can pull her life cart herself.

          Weather in India ,china ,Afghanistan or Pakistan life of the village women is same the family fix the marriages , and if the marriage does not go succesfull they keep the women responsible for it and if it went successfully then the men spend all his earning on tea houses and his friends and saves nothing for family . Wife is working in farms , she knits, she do all her house holds she raise her child only on soups and breads but only 10% male pays their responsibilities which are pointed out by others as hatred. Rest of men are unhelpful which make the life of a helpless women even worse . The percentage of male unhelpful to their family and children is 75% which is rising day by day as children are not getting proper time and house management from their parents they are not getting any example to get better in their future. This paints negativity on the mind of young boys and girls.

           Very short number of children are getting education(nearly 2% in Afghanistan , 20% in Pakistan and India). They must get education about their basics, about the village life , how to plan life? And what are their current issue? Only source from which they are learning is dramas and movies which they can see on their own choices and people in villages mostly likes romantic movies which shows the freedom of city life and luxuries . And they get disappointed in both, the love life which is prohabited by the village customs and luxeries which are unaffordable for them.

            This results as  dipression and they starts finding the alternates. we are told that all the responsibilty lies to men in villages. I am telling you that those  villages are few in which women is given respect and men provide her with basic needs and provide her with security and those villages are in large  number where it is natural responsibility for a women to not only give birth to child and to him with bread piecess becouse she can not afford more than that. And if her hild gets primery education she cannot afford further education and force her child to be her helping hand. Most of the times these children run away from their families and this hard life to the cities and a new crime story starts. Which is again a pain for a mother a women . Women is facing terrible experience in villages may be they are moving back to stone age women .

           I think women is on job weather she lives in citiy or village but the thing matters is that what she earns. In cities she earns self respect and a lawfull secure civilization on the other hand the village women is crushed under male dominated fake customs which are made only to comfort men and distroy family systems.

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