Women Judges Controversy

July 25, 2013 by xl123mania  
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Women Judges Controversy.

The strong patriarchal culture in society, especially Islam, raises the discrimination against women. This was due to the factors dogmatic interpretation coupled with less favor against women. Impact, the rights of women shackled, both in the realm of the family, thinking, economic, social traditions, cultural, and political and legal system.

This thick book is a 297 page dissertation of Dr. Hj Djazimah Muqoddas SH MHum for my doctorate first female Islamic law in UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Bandung. Original dissertation entitled “Women in Religious Court Judges (Comparative Study on the Status Law Judge fuqoha and Women According to legislation in Muslim countries)” This is a very valuable academic contribution. There are at least four important points to be learned from this book.

First, this book explores in detail the position of women judges in Islamic countries tend to still consider controversial, among which is Sudan, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Second, the position of the dialog on theoretical conceptions of women judges be interesting to observe the various arguments, both from scholars and legal experts and social.

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