Women Condition in India

March 8, 2013 by chintoooo  
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Really people need to think what are we moving towards..

India, a country of custom..faith.. rituals..languages… origin of trignometry and zero….and a country where women were worshiped… but today in a sorry state. Women here are getting raped in buses, auto rickshaws, trains… Nowhere is she safe. Worse part is the one who gets raped even society puts a question mark on her character and the blunder sin is just alittle mistake or need of the Men. If they have needs ask theirs mothers and sisters to satisfy them.. or not even them… no women is their property.

The worst sin has no punishment here. Now its time to change, be aware. Increasing literacy by 75 percent has no use without values, morals , principles. The sinners have never understood the most beautiful creation of god nor the powers.

It is not personal for anybody..and anybody who does it may feel offended.Strict rules we want. What is a country to live, if you don’t feel safe after sunset.

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