Women Bosses are Vicious & Annoying?

August 2, 2011 by Tooyul  
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A study says women workers with a boss who is also women at risk of depression and headaches. Is it true that female bosses are so annoying?

A Canadian study in 2008 revealed female workers with a boss who is also women have a greater risk of head pain, depression and insomnia. While those who work with the boss man’s risk is smaller.

The same thing is also mentioned in other studies of women bosses, expressed by the American Management Association. According to the study 95% of women feel their careers are underdeveloped if it has a female boss. As quoted from Dailymail, the phenomenon of women who are fierce bosses and annoying indeed exist and is called Queen Bee syndrome.

“Queen Bee is someone who is trying to raise the level of his career in a male-dominated company. He achieved his purpose by being like man, cruel and indifferent,” said Professor Cary Cooper, a psychologist from Lancaster University Management School.

“Queen Bee is also less likely to give direction or assistance to more junior female employees and he felt threatened by the presence of women workers, junior achievement,” added Cooper.

Another study disclosed by psychologists at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. According to their research, boss’s attitude towards fellow female employee depending on how their work environment.

From these studies in mind, a woman who works in an environment that more women, would be better and callous. While women working in male-dominated companies, could lose the softness.

According to Cooper, the woman who has a Queen Bee syndrome feel more comfortable working with men because they are familiar with the way men work. “Queen Bee seldom feel sympathy for a woman who was crying in the office or have a sick child,” he said. “He also could not tolerate a woman who is not strong enough,” he explained.

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