Women are Less Attracted to Happy Guys – Research Shows

July 15, 2013 by Sherlyn Edio Lugtu  
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This article shows noteworthy facts about a man and a woman’s preference when it comes to having a partner in life. The facts are based on a well accomplished research brought out from the University of British Colombia.

            A happy face is believed to be ideal especially when out to establish camaraderie between people around. Among a lot of men, some would consider smiling to be a greatest strategy to attract women. But according to the new study brought out from the University of British Colombia, research shows that women get more fascinated by brooding types of men rather than those men that appear being just a nice and happy one.

            Jessica Tracy, a psychology professor of the University of British states that men and women have different histrionic response to various displays of emotion such as smiling. This latest study of sexual attractiveness to men and women has come up with experimentation. Different photos of people showing various emotions such as happy (with wide smiles), proud (raised head and puffed-up chest), and shame (head in quite low position and somewhat avoiding eyes) were displayed to a crowd of 1,000 adults. This is to find out if which among the photos with corresponding emotions will be liked the most by the respondents. Results of this experimentation have shown that women chose those photos of men that looked proud. Men that display an image of being shy or timid and happy are the least preferred by women. On the other hand, upon showing the different photo displays of women with these three expressions or mood categories, results affirm that men seemed to be more attracted to women who looked happy and vibrant than those that looked powerful or superior and confident. Thus, the sexual attractiveness of men and women really vary since women least likes happy guys whereas men are more attracted to cheerful women.

            According to Jessica Tracy and co-author of the study, Alec Beall – a psychology graduate of the University of British, women these days have evolved into liking men that appears to be proud and swaggering. This is because they have associated pride as having the ability to provide and sustain the needs of their partners. In contrast, previous studies have also concluded that men, who always show a happy face and smiling moods, are said to be having a lack of power and authority. The researchers have also found out that shy or timid men are most likely associated to behaviors such as having less trust to people.

            Most men tend to like and be attracted to women who always smile and appear in a happy mood. Though, the authors of the study have clarified that the respondents were not asked to have the people be evaluated basing on the idea if they might be a good partner in the future. Basically the study only aims to explore first impressions and it is done only to get the people’s reaction in line with their sexual attraction to their opposite sex. According to the authors, other relevant studies conclude that people may have changed their views and beliefs over time. Hence, what people might find attractive on the last decades might not be any more fascinating to them these days. 

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