Women and Happiness

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Women and happiness.

Self Acceptance

The most important condition for a woman’s happiness is to be complete self-acceptance. A negative self-image leads to a constant state of depression.

Includes self-acceptance and acceptance of his past. Errors, lies, regrets are known to us all. Always remember the negative experiences, pretending that nothing happened, we fail to evolve and to reconcile us with ourselves.

Harmonious relationship with yourself must be followed by harmonious relationships with others. You have to wear our habit may obtain intimate with someone else and take advantage of this intimacy. Furthermore, you must acquire the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s situation, taking into consideration its needs and, of course, the grace to receive and give affection and warmth.

fericirea femeilor


Autonomy means the ability to be independent. This feature gives us the power to deny one thing and do not get to define ourselves only by our loved ones.

Living environment also played an important role. Issues from outside and people next to you that you influence the extent it affects you. So is in terms of working environment .

Purpose in life

For the inner state of reconciliation with self needed to be complete and have set the goal in life. A realistic goal, with accurate benchmarks, motivates us, gives us energy , we clarify priorities, and improves our ability to face difficulties.

Testimony is the fact that those who are given everything on the tray without being forced to fight to achieve something, in most cases are some unfortunate people who did not own achievements to enjoy and be happy with themselves .

Personal Development

Personal development is a component of happiness which he is not paying enough attention. This is due to lack of time, insufficient financial resources or even the mere convenience.

dezvoltare personala

Personal development concept also refers to the ability to act in areas of constant evolution as a person providing. Here enter and adapt to novelty and ability to learn from events and even mistakes.

If any of these conditions of happiness you lack time and resources seeking to change the situation:

  • learn to know yourself
  • accepts both quality people and those with defects
  • make sure that others accept you otherwise seek solutions
  • changes do you think they will fix something
  • Decide on what you want out of life
  • do everything possible to reach your goal, even compromise

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