June 24, 2011 by Mrsmaskman1  
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My Life’s Journey with the four letter word, love.

Wow, so is it safe to say that he doesn’t really Love me?  One would think that after such a disruptive conversation, through text I might add, that he would at least make a phone call just to make sure everything is okay with us. Right?  Then again, as I stated in my last blog he is pretty selfish, so I should expect this of him.  I wish there was this antidote that cured selfishness!  I believe what keeps me holding on is that if I take away his selfish ways we have a seemingly perfect relationship.  I often think well, maybe its not him being selfish, but maybe I’m just used to having my way in relationships.  Maybe I’ve finally come across someone who is really manning up, and putting his foot down?  Or am I just making excuses for his selfish tirades? Hmmm…Idk.  Does He really Love me?  To Be continued…

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