Why Women Prefer to be Materialistic

January 16, 2012 by reiny  
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Nowadays, most of women are very concerned about their appearance, and for support the perfect appearance, they are willing to spend a lot of money. Whether for the sake of appearances, many women turn into materialistic?

Women are always identically with shopping. That is why they are called “women” :) . Shopping is necessity, although the survey has clearly said that the women is the most of consumptive creature, but also lot of factors that cause them so consumptive.

1. Modern period and glamorous lifestyle.

Modern period many creating products and advanced technologies. Sometimes, women always want to follow the trend and buy new products and it certainly take a lot of cost. When they can not afford to buy by themselves, they turned into materialistic.

2. Circumstances factors.

Most of women always want to feel pampered and cared, so they want something that is completely comfortable without more effort. Because thinking like that, then they were looking for convenience to satisfy their willingness.

3. Environmental factors.

Environmental factors are factors where women live and socialize, such as offices, homes, place of worship, etc. Woman’s mind is more dominated by feelings rather than logic, therefore they are more quickly affected by the surrounding environment. And environmental factors sometimes encourage women to think that they should be more intense than others. This is what causes them to be materialistic.

The three of those factors are a fraction of the many other factors. For me, materialistic is a natural thing as long as still in particular limits and as long as no harm to others, as long as other people still feel comfortable to give something and not coercive.  Because life still requires the material, isn’t it?

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18 Responses to “Why Women Prefer to be Materialistic”
  1. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Good psycho observations.

  2. pogi253 Says:

    yup i agree. are you materialistic? hehe

  3. ittech Says:

    interesting post

  4. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    I don’t consider myself materialistic. However I like nice things.

  5. lapasan Says:

    I think that for a woman being materialistic is okay as long as she moderates this kind of attitude. All of us are materialistic in some ways.

  6. Yvhes P. Says:

    very nice share, thanks!

  7. papaleng Says:

    materialistic, I may say not really. Girls who go for good things simply are looking for beaity.


    This article was a bit confusing.

  9. MJRapp Says:

    I prefer a woman who is realistically frugal. ;-)

  10. somiasom Says:

    Good post. Thanks for share. i liked it :)

  11. realityspeaks Says:

    Thoughtful perspective.

  12. dwisuka Says:

    interesting topic

  13. mevlanamarshall Says:

    is there a woman who aint materialistic? :p

  14. realityspeaks Says:

    Very interesting.

  15. Fleur D Says:

    Cool topic. I am probably not the average woman. I hate shopping. I only do it out of necessity. I hate shopping for myself sometimes. I only have 5 pairs of shoes, not because I can’t afford them. But because locally you don’t need that many. Dress shoes, slippers to relax in, boots for snow, tennis shoes or my Sketches for most of my casual time out, and sandals for the beach. I don’t try to match all my outfits. I try to buy black and brown shoes to go with everything.

  16. sharot ajah Says:

    i guess, not all women a materialistic…because there are women that prefer save their money for the major necessity to minor necessity. i guess, whatever a person do either woman or man, it depend on their point of view of something. So, when a woman regard to be a materialistic is not important then she will be a simple character individual without a tendency to overload shopping and vice verse. However, nice topic. nice to know you

  17. dodolbete Says:

    Not all women are materialistic, but you’ve show your cool analysis skill in your writing. Keep it up ^_^

  18. afaceristonline Says:

    Very good work good post success

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