Why Women Get Irritated?

March 12, 2011 by raheem ahmed  
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Thoughts are always a very important part of our life. When we have positive thoughts in our mid our face looks relaxed and when we have negative thoughts in our mind it eliminates all the freshness from our face.

The women who get irritated on small things always have negativity on their face. We can’t see shine in their eyes . The women who face difficulties of life with smile they always look lovely and beautiful. The attract a large community with their smile.

The major reason of irritation of women is that they restrict themselves in their homes. Their entire life is to cook food, wash cloth, send children to school, and clean their houses. All these tasks covers their senses and creates a trouble for them. If they do these tasks by having a smile on their face they can complete their tasks in a very less time. Women who criticize others get irritated immediately.

If women try to act upon these small things they can avoid themselves from irritation:

Ø  Try to listen others and praise their work

Ø  Be relaxed, and don’t get irritated on small things

Ø  Try to control your anger, if you feel angry sit on a place and drink water

Ø  Sleep for at least 6 hours

Ø  Keep yourself busy but take out some time for rest

Ø  Try to utilize your free time in cooking and stitching

Ø  Don’t criticize others

Ø  Do some exercise

Ø  Have some time for your health and beauty

Ø  Talk with your friends and family

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2 Responses to “Why Women Get Irritated?”
  1. Fatima Says:

    well-researched and very informative article. Learned new facts today

  2. Dick Says:

    Every women is irritating

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