Why Men Cheating?

January 13, 2013 by DragonAthus  
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A simple study by Rutgers University.

The most logical reason anyone would cheat is because they do not feel happy couple. However, a study by Rutgers University shows that 56% of men who cheat say they have a happy relationship. They feel better with your partner but still “wake up” in someone else’s bed. Although it seems incredible, that is not less true, here’s another 12 truths about cheating.

1. Most men love their wives cheating on them though

“Men cheat when they are in a relationship of companionship stage when women make their own habits and routine coupled. Routine pushes for an adventure, not a lack of love, “says psychologist Andra Bosh.

2. Men usually betray their wives or girlfriends with women they know better

Mary Jo Rapini relationship expert explains: “Many people think that those who accept women lightweight adventure. Nevertheless, the adventures really begin as friends.” In fact, more than 60% of office adventures begin as Focus on the Family.

3. Men cheat to save marriages

Men love their wives but do not know how to fix the problems of torque, so take refuge in the arms of other women. Thus, they can have it all.

4. They feel horrible after they succumbed to temptation

“If they let pride aside, I feel like a mess. Basically, a person that betrays you,” says Charles J. Orlando, author of “The Problem with Women … is Men.

5. Men become more loving wives at the beginning of an adventure

“When a man accepts an affair, becomes hyperactive in sexually,” says Rapini. No wonder then that he would like to have sex more often with his wife, the woman who feels most comfortable in bed, because he knows so long.

6. Women cheat as much as men, and their adventures are dangerous

Women cheat as much as men, just as they do for different reasons. They cheat because they do not have the attention and love in a relationship.

7. A wife feels most of the time, when i put horns

There are concrete signs of a man cheating – is distracted, late nights, receives calls from unknown answer calls when his wife is in the room – and some more subtle. Anyway, most of the times, women know when men cheat them.

8. A couple will not ever solve problems while husband is still involved in a clandestine relationship

The man begins an adventure to enjoy a flirt without complications. If life partner gives exact opposite – routine, drama and strife – inevitably it will not move any finger to save their relationship.

9. Adventures can often repair the marriage

“Often an affair can bring out the value of old relationships and love can turn man page,” says Orlando.

10. Even after the relationship was reinforced, the man can feel the lack of adventure

Energy he had when he was with the other can be one of the things a man will feel when ending adventure even after he decided to start over with your partner, “says Orlando.

11. He who knows cheat betrays his partner and family or doing something vile

It all depends on the perception of cheating. If he feels underappreciated home, the man will risk an adventure just need to be loved.

12. She is not to blame when the man cheating ..

Men do not cheat because women that are, not about what it is, but what’s not problem is that partners realize too late what’s missing in the relationship.

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