Why Do Women Love Confident Men

March 28, 2012 by pankajlko786  
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Some men don’t like talking or just feel off balance when it comes to talking to a lady, well if one has confident to face the lady directly and face them with composure and signs of no fear, will make women always love to relate with.

There are lots of books and stories on issue relating to men and relationships. This is because relationship has evolved from the old time of being the best hunter and a village hero to just a man working and making salary to keep his/her family well kind of man. This is not until the man loses his job gets laid off and everything goes out of control.   A good man will always come out strong and manage to stay with his wife well but for men who hide behind after resources there will be the end of the world to them. Women look and how a man can stand up among all the opposing forces but still make a point.  Face the reality and speak with authority, if one gets choked and starts stammering that is not good with women.

Deal with attitude. Confidence is not just playing superman every time but having an attitude towards dealing with issues as they come. Being able to stand and provide a lead towards facing an issue at hand is key and that will always have women relating to you more.

Some men don’t  like talking or just feel off balance when it comes to talking to a lady , well if one has confident to face the lady directly and face them with composure and signs of  no fear , will make women always  love to relate with . Ability to maintain eye contact and smile is also very important and a sign that most women want. Don’t look away look at the beautiful woman in the eye and greet her like a gentleman.

Confident men can show off their ladies and talk about themselves confidently without overdoing it and embarrassing their women. Publicly showing off affection is not a sign of weakness but a score plus for a man to women who always wants to be adored and be treated well with affection.  By holding hands and talking to a woman with confidence on various issues and making them love themselves is so important in starting a relationship.

Talking about the issues at hand and expressing one feeling towards a lady is also crucial.  If you can look at a woman’s eye and tell her how you feel  and how you wish to take the relations to another level because you  find her inspiring  will show signs of confidence and leadership of where the relationship is heading to. This should be done when the introduction bit has been done. Women like men who know what they want.

A confident man does not mean failing to say I am sorry of sometimes to accepting to look normal and face one failure for example if you cannot cook its ok to tell to a lady I can cook but I will try one for you.  That will make the women feel that she is valued and the man can compromised to get her attention. Always being humorous and avoiding formality will ensure that communication is easier and they can get the attention of the women no matter how beautiful and confidence she may be.

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