Why Do Women Like The Gossip

July 11, 2012 by reiny  
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As a woman, I realize that I talking more than the man. Woman always love to find friends to talk about anything they like. Is it because the women like to talking then they also like the gossip?

As a result of expert, it was proved that woman talk more than the man. Sometimes women also talking about their life to their friends and some women also can’t control what they talk about.

Talking more may be able lead someone to the gossip. When women in bad situation they will find friends to talk about their problems, sometimes women will be feel better after talking about their problem.

Possibility they like  gossip to less the stress, by talking about badness of another person, they will feel better than the person.

I think gossip was very popular in our environment, I frequently found some women in gossip when I’m in the office, in the school, even in the house.

For me, gossip is not an abnormal thing, as long as the topic still in the right track. I don’t like talking about the useless thing, I prefer to talking about job or positive thing when I’m in gossip. 

So if you like the gossip, just try to talk about positive things to help you avoid the negative things :)

“Morning Gossip, New Orleans”. Three women talking on sidewalk, probably in French Quarter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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