Why Do Men Play Head Games on Women?

December 2, 2010 by akutwolf  
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This is an article from a woman’s point of view about why men choose to play head games on women that they are in a relationship with or want to be with.

Why is it that men choose to play head games on women? Most women consider that good question in the back of their minds. Men often think that it is ok to play head games on women because this is a learned behavior. I am no expert but have this head game been done to me repeatedly. What I mean by men playing head games is; a man will tell a woman something to make her feel good just to increase the chances that the woman will stick around and not leave.

 When a woman calls the man out on the fact that head games are in play on them; the man tends to become defensive about it. Moreover, chooses to play the guilt card to make the woman become doubtful of herself and her thoughts. There are also those men that choose to play head games on a woman that they possibly want to be with. Here are signs of a man playing head games in the early stages of the relationship; first sign is they start out being nice and sincere to the woman. The Second sign is when the man is not getting their way they all of the sudden threaten to leave and not come back.

This stage of the head game for men is to have the woman say,” No I don’t want you to go, and please stay”. This ladies is a man’s way to see if you are going to really want them to stay by stopping them at the door. What men are clueless to is that eventually the woman is going to get fed up with the empty threats and tell the man”, fine leave and don’t come back”. Which in turn causes the man to think that the woman is serious, now the man is scared that now he is going to lose the woman he cares for.   Ladies if you do not put a stop on the head games when they start the games will continue.

The next stage of head games that men like to play is the trust in a relationship, which tends to be about whether or not the woman is telling the truth about anything in conversation. Ladies if a man that you are with starts this does not allow them to get away with it; due to if you allows this it will rip the relationship apart. We have all been hurt in relationships remember that every relationship see its own unique problems and is not the same as past relationships.

By the time all those head games have taken place the relationship is on the brink of destruction and being over. Ladies the best course of action when you think your signifigant other is playing head games on you is to not allow it to even start. Remember that there are still honest people out there and not to lose faith in finding love or being with someone that can be honest and not play head games.

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