Why Bad Boy Favorited Women?

June 18, 2013 by gledys  
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Why Bad Boy Favorited Women?

The presence of a bad boy can indeed make the women to him knees. But the truth is what is sought after by women of a bad boy?
Married a bad boy may not be the right choice. It is already well known women. However, women still amazed saar confront him.
Here are some points that preferred women of bad boy

Sometimes woman likes to surprise. Bad boy is able to make her wonder and guess the next move. They had to be able to do something spontaneous and without reason. Yes, women like it.

Bad boy has a great spirit and passion that can make a woman fascinated. They also are not afraid to maintain what he had, even though it must pass through a battle.

sense of humor
Well, another inescapable charm women. Sense of humor is one of the allure of a man. Bad boy knows when he has to take the humor and make a fun joke.

No matter how perfect a man, without the self-confidence everything will seem futile.

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