Why are Women Holding Out Longer to Get in a Relationship

October 11, 2013 by Mrs Petra Carlisle  
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It isn’t the lack of men that stop women, it is the quality of the available ones. There is nothing wrong with compromise, but never ever settle because you are lonely.

There is a huge misconception that most women want to be taken care of. Most want at least equal footing. I want to know that a man can take care of himself. He is financially independent and does not need my money to survive.

My soon to be ex had years of back tax issues, back child support and school loans. I only had my cel phone bill and car insurance. Yet I didn’t mind since I said I do. I believed once two become one, they merge financially. At least I use to feel that way, today I feel differently. Today I will keep my accounts as sole and separate property.

 The mutual account changed as soon as he thought he could delegate what I could do with the money and I learned he was buying crack. Then there are the men that are out there living beyond their means on SSI or GR and struggling and looking for a woman to help them survive.

It truly goes both ways. I don’t mind being a partner, but if a person is not helping themselves, why should I?

Dating today is an adventure or a nightmare. I was use to meeting men that were financially secured or at least had a job. I don’t need or want their money but want I already have a daughter I am still guiding and supporting, so I surely do not need a grown man to support.

We also want a man that will make decisions. He can talk and ask our opinion but he is confident and secure in his choices and capable of being the head of the house.

Men constantly complain when a woman has kids by another man. You hear them say,  “ She is looking for a baby daddy”. However, that same man will have no issues when her money helps pay his back or current child support. Not to mention the baby mama drama many come with, since they establish no boundaries with ex’s. A good woman will always have her man’s back, many even when they have financial issues, but we all have our limitations.

Dating sites have evolved to a predatory meeting place. For those on General Relief, SSI not SSD or those that claim to be doing home care for that elderly parent,  they use tactics like those trying to win a battle. They have no problem lying as to why they are unemployed.

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