When Wives Insist on “Do It Yourself”

September 20, 2010 by Manju Dhawan  
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It is many a times we take on doing things ourselves, out of curosity and understanding the thing better when provoked.

It is many a times we take on doing things ourselves, out of curiosity and understanding the thing better when provoked. So great is the enthusiasm to accomplish the feats of doing it ourselves that most  of the men have a passion of doing things themselves. One thing which is too good is that we are not becoming slave to labour and also try to cut the costs of mending things at workplace and repair houses. There are millions of publications online and off line as to how to do it, mend things armed with right tools and materials. 

It is mostly men who engage themselves in useless to useful activities during their leisure times like installing their own fireplace, laying gardens, building garages to changing the color of walls using paint and wall paper and making resounding interior by innovating some new need based furniture.

Such things are great tap to energy, creative and destructive, both but some are not so handy to mend it all. I must say it is the women folk, usually wives who provoke men to mend all the gadgets and do  it yourself. They take them granted to be some kind of robots, born to be excellent performers  and as if their husbands are infinite source of versatility. As a delusion of such realistic critic wife, most of the husbands start believing that they can do anything even if proved to be repeatedly wrong wish full thinking of their wife. It could be a matter of pride, nothing much else, as taking to a diverse kind of things could not only burn their fingers but also lead to spoiling a repairable thing out of concerns.

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