When It Comes to Sex, Men Regret Passing It Up, Women Regret Saying Yes

November 26, 2013 by Norm Schneider  
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Research looks into what happens when we do it and when we don’t.

Thinks of this scene. You are out on a first date and you are having a really good time. When the evening is over that awkward moment arrives. Should we or shouldn’t we?

Whatever the decision there are going to be repercussions. Will you feel bad for turning down the opportunity (should it present itself)?

According to new research the answer has to do with differences between men and women and the nature of regret. The researchers found that men are more likely to regret not taking the opportunity and ‘going for it’ if the situation warrants. Women, on the other hand, will tend to feel more remorseful for going ahead with a one-time fling.

What Are Women’s Regrets?

So why is this and what are the concerns that goes along with this situation? The researchers found that women have three common regrets when it comes to saying ‘yes’ in this situation. They feel they’ll regret losing their virginity to the wrong guy (24 percent of the respondents felt this way), or they may regret a situation where they’ll be cheating on a current or previous partner (23 percent and no details on why a woman would regret anything when it comes to a past partner), and moving to fast (20 percent).

For men there are other kinds of regrets. They may be too shy to do anything even if there’s a good chance the night may go exactly as they dreamed (27 percent). They may also feel regret about not being more sexually adventurous (23 percent) when they are young, or they may be sorry about not being more sexually ‘adventurous’ when they were still single (19 percent).

There are also a few other regrets, with women more likely (17 percent) regretting having sex with an unattractive person than men (10 percent). Does that mean for everyone else, attractiveness isn’t an issue?

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