When a Relationship Breaks Up, Who Suffers More? The Man? Or The Woman?

November 1, 2010 by vijayanths  
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When a relationship breaks up, sure there will be pains and sufferings to both man and woman. We see too many break ups these days. There are two things worth discussing about. Who suffers more when a relationship breaks up, the man? or the woman? If 100 couples break up, is it more men suffer or more women suffer? Read more……

Most painful experience: I think nothing could be more painful than a relationship break up. Of course both men and women undergo pain and mental agony. However the intensity of pain depends on individual and other factors caused the break up. Who suffers more  during a relationship break up? man or woman? In general who suffers from this problem largely? Is it man? or woman? Let us just discuss, analyze and find them out now.

Who cares more, suffers more?: In some relationships men care for their women more and in many relationships women care for their men more. It is obvious that one who cares more in a relationship will get hurt more during a break up.

The one who initiates the break up is less hurt: Yes, I think in most break ups, those who initiated the break up suffers less than their partners. In my opinion men initiate the break up more often than women. So eventually it is again women who suffer in large numbers due to break ups.

Do men feel more pains during a break up?: One of my on line friends told me that a study was conducted recently by the Wake Forest University in the USA and came up with the result that a relationship break up can affect the mental health of a man much more than the mental health of a woman. It causes negative effects on them such as drinking alcohol, chain smoking and so on. It is because men hide their feelings and don’t share their problems with their friends and dear ones. They bottle up their emotions and hence their mental health is affected more than women. Still I think women suffer more than men during a relationship break up.

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Remedies: Keep your self busy and concentrate on your work. Be with with your dear ones always and never be alone until you cope with the situation completely. You can think of the negative points of the ex and try to forget him/her sooner. You can listen to soothing music. You can also try Yoga and Meditation.

Summary: Men initiate the break up most times and hence it is the women who suffer largely than men. Though men seem to suffer more pains as they don’t share their sorrows with others, it is women who actually experience more pains as they are more emotional. Relationship means a lot to women and hence they suffer more than men. If you are in marriage relationship, I think the most hurt one is the Children because they will feel insecure.

                                     Why do relationships fail?

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4 Responses to “When a Relationship Breaks Up, Who Suffers More? The Man? Or The Woman?”
  1. researchanalyst Says:

    both can suffer equally

  2. The Soul Explorer Says:

    I think, both can suffer.

  3. J M Lennox Says:

    Everyone suffers from breakups. How it affects each individually would have a lot to do with their mental, emotional, and spiritual state prior to the break up.

  4. Kristie Claar Says:

    great share, I agree that both suffer

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