What Types of Nipples are Like Men?

February 25, 2011 by Carswriter  
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Female breasts are one of the most erogenous zones and a symbol of femininity. They have a different shape and size. Men love them, women addressed.

What types of nipples are like men?

Icing on the cake: the female nipple. You too can have a different shape, color and size. The differences are in the shape of the areola, which surrounds the nipple and the size of the very sexy spun. Nipples on men and women love them, too with the joy of women are able to play nicely. The basis is to play with them gently. Smoothing hands, just hands, fingers and feathers should be received with enthusiasm. And then their is better kissing, sucking and biting fine. Super erotic is the air blowing on wet nipple. Some women may be the stimulation to orgasm.
Men usually the shape and color of the nipple too remedy. Mainly, they are, and that they respond to the thrill, then straightens up and relay. Some men, however, more like breast nipples with small areola pale pink, others with large darker. Women sometimes solves your nipples. The point is that even if a woman fails, partners like always. In general, women wanted more prominent nipples smaller villages. Most women’s nipples climb but only at certain moments, like when excited or during winter.

Currently, it is possible to apply for a plastic surgeon. The fashion is no longer total breast augmentation, but also change nipples. A new trend in our country are already looming nipples under tight shirt. In England, the operations hit their numbers there increased in the last two years by 30%.

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