What to Avoid During Pregnancy

November 30, 2010 by N. Sun  
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There are many things that you can do during pregnancy that will hurt yourself and your soon-to-be-child.

Pregnant women and their unborn babies are at high risk for numerous different activities that we take for granted. They can be harmed easily, and pregnant women need to be careful during their pregnancy because they are risking not only themselves, but also the baby. So what do pregnant women need to be sure to not do? Here is a list.

  • Don’t drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol can lead to many complications. Never drink alcohol when pregnant. It can lead to birth defects, mental illness, and other types of organ malfunction. 

  • Never smoke

Smoking is definitely not good for anyone, and so obviously it would be bad for the baby. Also stay away from second-hand smoke, or smoke that comes from other people smoking. Smoking of inhaling second-hand smoke can cause the baby to be born prematurely, to be too light, or even cause the baby to die in the womb. Avoid tobacco smoke!

  • Don’t drink caffeine

Caffeine does have some health benefits, yes, but when pregnant, do not drink coffee. It may be hard to go without your morning coffee, but caffeine can cause the baby to have diabetes after growing up. Tea also contains caffeine. 

  • Be careful when taking drugs

This applies to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and prescription drugs alike. Please, please, please tell your doctor you are pregnant before he prescribes something to you. And for OTC drugs, read the labels and see pregnant women can take it. And of course, obviously don’t take illegal drugs like cocaine or marijuana. 

  • Don’t put on makeup

Pregnant women shouldn’t put on makeup because all the chemicals could easily seep into the skin and into the bloodstream. As Sheldon Cooper from the American TV show, “Big Bang Theory” (my all-time favorite comedy show) would say, “That means that people have been surviving without makeup for millennium. Be a part of that proud tradition.” (As a paradox of him actually saying, “That means, that for over 300 years, people carried pizza upstairs. Be a part of that proud tradition.”) Anyway, what I mean is that you CAN survive without makeup. 

Those are some tips that you should follow in order to birth a healthy baby. Good luck with your future child!

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10 Responses to “What to Avoid During Pregnancy”
  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    A very informative entry. Some women ignore such advice with grave consequences.

  2. DarcAngeL Says:

    Interesting. But the makeup part is a bit of a challenge :)

  3. Tulan Says:

    great advice for moms to be.

  4. Cody Rad Says:

    I know way to many women who take a bunch of OTC drugs and don’t think about it when their pregnant

  5. lapasan Says:

    Useful information to pregnant women.

  6. Ruby Hawk Says:

    You can’t be too careful, thanks for sharing the info.

  7. dino renaldo Says:

    nice share

  8. shakugan123 Says:

    I will avoid these when I get pregnant. Thanks

  9. nimbleful Says:

    good tips : )

  10. PaulB Says:

    I think it is black widow female spiders who eat their mates so as a Tarantula male I should be safe lol. And thankfully not pregnant.

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