What Makes a Woman Attractive?

December 27, 2010 by juniatop  
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A woman is attractive to not only men but also other women when she is living her life with positive attitude, because such attitude enables her to take good care of herself and always look nice.

In order to become an attractive woman, one needs not spend all her money on dresses and cosmetics, as these things are not the only way to attract others’ attention. By showing great qualities, a woman can give out irresistible charm. Here are a few tips on how to always how the best of you as a woman.

Be tidy. Tidiness shows that a woman can handle everything in her life well. A tidy woman never allows herself to look bad, so even without outstanding looks, she will always attract others to approach because the tidiness around her makes her look smart and reliable.

Be independent. Independence shows a woman’s ability to live and work well on her own. Staying with such woman makes people feel happy and comfortable as they do not have to spend much time and energy on taking care of that woman. I know reliance can make one feel needed, but overreliance will cause pressure that makes people feel uncomfortable for staying with you.

Be kind. Everyone loves kind persons, and a kind woman will always find herself welcomed by people. Her cares for others just attracts more people to like staying with her.

Be humorous. Humor makes people feel happy while staying with you. A humorous woman always knows when and where to give her generous smiles, which will make her easy-going to others.


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Be confident. A confident woman gives off special charm as confidence makes her look smart. Her confidence will also make others feel the power of confidence and belief in life’s greatness, so they would like to spend more time with her.

Be true. No matter how many other qualities a woman has, hypocrisy will just ruin all her efforts to look attractive. It’s no need to hide your true self as no hiding can last long. People will eventually stay away from you when they find out that you were not honest with what you said and did. It is not necessary to be shame of your shortcomings, as no one was born perfect. Your shortcomings can be advantages if you treat them in right way. Actually, people are attracted to each other because they need to stay together. While perfect persons are boring as they do not need cares from others, imperfectness just makes one a real human being who needs to stay with others to live on.

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