What is The Meaning of Fairy Tale “Sleeping Beauty”?

July 3, 2011 by Gabrielle85  
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Every fairy tale – about anything! "Hen Ryaba" – the creation of the world, for example, and I became interested in fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". How, you ask? Reflections on the correct development of female sexuality.

Every fairy tale – about anything! ”Hen Ryaba” – the creation of the world, for example, and I became interested in fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. How, you ask? Reflections on the correct development of female sexuality.

Why are so many frustrated women in romantic relationships and angry at them for a male? The result – the disintegration of relations, divorce, separation. Just one – do not wake them in time is meant “prince”, while others (no offense to the men said) – completely devoid of that ability.

How many years have slept princess waiting for her prince a kiss? One hundred years. Has already changed lives and changed a few generations. Its crystal coffin was overgrown with cobwebs. But she saved one thing – it is not in the grave old, has remained the same young, as in the moment when the evil sorceress lulled her.

We are mortal and externally quickly grow old. Perhaps that is why the laws of human society on gender relations are distorted incorrect settings on how to build a marriage (to the sexual side necessarily mixed material, set in continuation of the family, domestic and hypocrisy, etc.) and all it’s only one thing – whether a man is able towake up in a woman a woman, Is this the prince and his many years of waiting? And the “sleeping beauty” throughout his so-called “sex life” often and remains a “sleeping” (even in the presence of children and official husband), she married the first man who offers.

Few women are lucky to be “awakened”, because not every man – a true “Prince” (ie excellent lover, able not only to awaken, but to develop and grow together sexually with his lover for a long time).

Women’s sexuality is like a flower: blossom slowly and modestly, petal by petal, slowly growing longer and more masculine. It is evolving, that is, is in constant dynamics.The man aims at in its original woman to have “dissolved and ready to bud,” and does not accept anyone or anything, “wake up” and then – to develop. After all, this takes days, months, years, and most importantly – you need skill. So it turns out that while his “Beauty” sleeping man “glues” the sexual life of the episodes “on the side,” acquires a negative experience of love, but then he goes off to have someone “awakened” not always “their” in Nature half, throwing his wife and children, and blaming women’s community. And he does not care how much of the “awakened” years, it looks like and what their social status.

In ancient Japan, was the wisdom that is ignored: “If you want to know your favorite, while living with her one thirty and three years, and only then can you say that really knew her.” But East is East, and not all of it exactly as in the statements of the wise men. And while there is perceived as a “circle” – infinity, and we Give ‘here and now “, because time is considered as something finite (the line that has a beginning and an end).

From the point of view of the nature of female sexuality is a mature woman and young man – it’s more normal than a young woman and mature man. After all, they start from different points of reference: while she was “asleep” – he has matured, it “wakes up” – he is getting older, “she is revealed as a bud” – he dies. But from the perspective of Nature, but not from the standpoint of society.

And stories about the fact that “a woman’s age,” he says, in short, it is conceived and cultivated men, a myth created to hold women in fear and submission. After all, men, and not women, sexuality is developing rapidly, and therefore fade faster.

Another cause of the incorrect nature of roles is the necessity of procreation: when this “prince” will come and “wake up”, will be too late to have children, but they still need to grow.

And what about the laziness and consumer attitudes toward women of our men?

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