What Does It Mean When a Guy Cancels Your Date Last Minute?

October 4, 2010 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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His location, timing, whether its first or second date and who proposed the date.

          There are many reasons why a man will cancel meeting up with you after he made plans earlier. My number one guess would be he is just not that into you.

          But before you jump to conclusions about where your man’s interest lies after he suddenly cancelled your date last minute you should take into consideration certain factors such as:

           His location, timing, whether its first or second date and who proposed the date.

                 The way in which you were notified that the date will be cancelled tells you a lot about the man’s feelings.  If you had to call him to find out that he had no intention of showing up then you have bigger problems and it may be best not to expect any more relations from him.  He is not just uninterested but definitely disrespectful because he should have the masculine dignity to tell you that he will not show up. other men lack integrity and will lie to you in order to make themselves feel good and cancel at the last minute claiming some paramount task came up that they had to attend to.  

       If the man did not show up for your second date then it may mean he is not interested or someone more intriguing came along and you first day was not that hot and therefore he has decided to back burner you until he runs out of options.  If you proposed the date then you are more interested in him than he is in you.

                         If you had sex with him on the first date then he may think that he doesn’t have to be an ideal man anymore now that he got his prize.  When the guy cancels the next date, it may be an indication to the downhill trend of the relationship, warrior moving on to the new challenge after he has conquered the last city.  Men get complacent once they get sex because guys often assume that once they have sex with you once then it’s easier to get into your pants again and they don’t need to make an effort anymore.

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4 Responses to “What Does It Mean When a Guy Cancels Your Date Last Minute?”
  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    You have presented very valid reasons but one thing may be this: He saw someone who made him change his mind. How about that? Good to read your posts again.

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Exactly. I totally agree with Shilaho. And after the honeymoon stage with that person who made him change his mind, he will come back to the one that he had on the back burner. That’s the best part because that is when revenge gets sweet.

  3. VTech Says:

    good post

  4. albert1jemi Says:

    keep it up

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