What Does Dependence on Husbands Mean?

April 18, 2013 by kcmilan  
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Only to achieve the same and a single goal Together they live, together they think, together they work from their individual position and together they suffer.

The tittle itself may be a cause of generating a question in our minds that are the wives really dependant on their husbands?

What is dependence?

A number of Dictionaries give the same meaning in various forms of sentences. But the meaning I would like to mention here is ‘a helpless state when someone relies on and controlled by others for financial support.’ 

No one can deny the fact that in most of the areas women are lagging behind of men specially in pursuing education and engaging them in earning money. This is what many housewives will be found easily in almost all houses confining them to the house without doing any office job or any other outside works except household ones.There are certainly many exceptions.

But leaving those exceptions lets spend few hours in thinking of these housewives who spend day after day in house and doing household works.

They are deprived of many valuable things of life.

They might have had a very little chance in pursuing education and thus could not attain requirements must needed for office jobs or any other outside works. This is a side of their life and it is very very weak. But the other side is not so weak rather a bit stronger. That is their skills in doing household works.

What are the things household works include?

Cooking, cleaning, washing, taking care of children and elderly persons, looking after pets and so on.

I don’t know others’ opinions but in my own opinion all these household works are important and inevitable.

What happens if meals are not cooked for a day? Is a house inhabitable if it is not clean? Can husbands or other male members of the family go out for office jobs or business if their attires are not washed? Can the children grow in sense of growing in proper way if a housewife doesn’t take care? Can the elderly persons manage themselves with eating meals, going to toilet and bed if the housewives are not available with their help? We need to give our little thought into all these questions to get answers and we have to think what a great and noble role they play in bringing peace and happiness to the family that every husband expects.

Now lets come back to exceptions.

With the term ‘exceptions’ I’m referring to those women who are lucky and fortunate enough to receive higher education and avail themslves with an opportunity of doing office jobs and other works somewhere to earn money.

What do they do? Do they live separately or do they spend all money they earned for themselves only? No. They don’t do that. They live together with their husbands and others of the family. They invest all of their money to establish the family on such a foundation abundant in riches.

In light of this description can we still say that the wives are dependant on husbands? Absolutely no. They are rather dependant on each other

Only to achieve the same and a single goal together they live, together they think, together they work from their individual position and together they suffer.  

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