What Attracts Women and What Makes You Keep Them

July 27, 2013 by AmrAbbas  
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Ever wondered how to attract a woman? Ever wondered how to keep her with you?

Many people speak of understanding women and how difficult it may be without understanding that women are much simpler than they are presented to be. Stereotypically speaking, you need a lot of work to understand any single woman. Men find it very aggravating and irritating when they do not understand what their women want while in fact it is much easier than it seems. Women are tender by nature –with the rightfully given exceptions- and they tend to bring cheerfulness into life. They do not create drama as many men say or else the writers of the old would all be women. I find it funny when someone tells me that women are dramatic creatures because they men have indeed perfected drama and created it in the first place.

Women bring cheerfulness. So, understanding women is not unlike understanding men. When you want to find the right woman, you usually find her. But the two problems remain in getting her and in keeping her. For instance, there are a few things that women are usually attracted to. The mysterious guy, the bad boy and the trouble-maker are usually things that attract women and those are mere attitudes that come along the way. For example, most of women would not like to date a thief or burglar, yet they seem to find attraction in the attitude of the bad guy and at the same time the way he is with everyone else should be different from the way he is with her.

The attitude that you carry around is usually the first thing that attracts the lady to you. If you were one who stood back whenever there was trouble, there are ladies who will find you decent yet they would not approach a romantic relationship with you because women of all kinds like the sense of adventure in men. Have you ever wondered why a lot of women would not like to date a guy who is shorter than them? Because a bigger person is usually the one who would embrace the smaller one in the time of trouble or sadness and that reflects psychologically as much as it does physically.

Yet those attitudes mentioned above are not the ones that women would remain with. For instance, if you were seeking trouble whenever your woman is by your side just to showboat in front of her that would not help you in keeping her. Decency is one the things that women always brag about when it comes to men. The first quality that they speak to themselves about is decency, kindness, and honesty. If you have a friend whom you speak to frankly, you should ask her what she finds attractive and what she likes. Often, the answers will be different where the dangerous side is usually the attractive one and the decent side is the one she would stay with.

I find it very easily having two sides of the same personality that can seem to contradict, yet they remain faces of the same coin.

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