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May 21, 2012 by Mr Bebek  
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Women are often trying to keep her appearance to look beautiful.

This should not be replicated if you do not want to say funny or even strange. Women are often trying to maintain their appearance. Either by natural means or by using certain cosmetics. Not even a little of the cost and a high risk to stay beautiful and young.

As reported by Femalefirst, before it found a variety of technologies and products to beautify themselves, the women of ancient times had some weird and extreme ways to beautify themselves.

Long ago, women in Greece crocodile dung mixed with mud and make a face mask. The herb is believed to slow the aging process in a person’s face.

Elsewhere, the women from the medieval era to the era of Queen Elizabeth in England accidentally pull out the hair around their foreheads. Revocation of hair are aimed at making them look bigger forehead. For in those days women with big foreheads are considered attractive.

Not only that, in this era of women often putting their face with egg whites. The goal is to make their face look shiny.

In the past hair clamp of the tool has not been found. For that the women roll their hair by using a hot iron. Yet the discovery of hair spray they also did not inhibit steps to enhance your appearance. instead they chose bubble gum, to make their hair tidy and uncluttered.

Surprisingly again, the women in this era of using the herb belladonna Elizabeth. This herb is used to dilate their pupils. Unfortunately the side effects of this herb is causing blurred vision and hallucinations.

The danger again, the plant used for this herb is a poisonous plant. The hunters often use them to make them poisonous tip of the arrow. Well hard to always look beautiful, from the ancient times women were already working too hard to look beautiful.

Another with women in the 14-17 century. They are trying to look fragile and pale. For pale skin depict the beauty of a woman in this era. To make their skin pale, not a few women who do the drying blood. Some of them even put a leech on the ear.

Treatments strange indeed never cease, even some women using snail slime. Mucus is believed to disguise the stains on the body. Well hard to always look beautiful, from the ancient times women were already working too hard to look beautiful.

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