Understand a Woman

November 7, 2010 by sudhakara  
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Now you will find why its difficult to understand a woman….

like you all am a guy who thinks about womens a lot…….

offcourse,its dificult to understand a woman right?
its because of a reason,womens are variable.

They keeps on changing each and every second of every minute.
harmonic variation is high in women might be the reason for that.

Let me think as a normal guy rather than think scientifically…
even physically women body keeps on varying as she grow up…(when she become matured her body

 gets different shape than as she was a girl).

Ultimately her thinking angle about stuffs varies as she grows up…

Always she get pushed down to dilemma,such that shall i choose that one or this one?
but truely she likes those too,she can’t reject any one among those two…

Now you got it right,why its dificult to understand womens?


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