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September 22, 2011 by nataliaramirezpena  
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A list of the 10 best websites for women covering: Love, Fashion, Make-up, Kitchen, Health, House Decor, Family, Beauty, Travel, Pregnancy and Business. Take a look, I’m sure you’ll love them.

Fashion, beauty, health, family, homelife, relationships and even daily horoscopes are all must-have’s for a women’s website. Read more and enter into our world, the world of women…. I present to you what you’ve all been waiting for: The top 10 websites for Women in spanish up to the moment.

#10. Website for Women. You will find the latest news on celebrity gossip, their clothing styles, their break-ups, Romances (Hook-ups), and of course, their scandalous photos. You can also find the best tips for health and dieting if you’re looking to lose weight

#9. Website for Women.  Like the rest, this website offers a grand variety of feminine topics, but there’s one that steals my attention everytime. I’m talking about the section on romance and sex, here you can find articles that talk about relationships ranging from the erotic to the sensual and from the emotional to the physical.

#8. Webiste for Women. This site is dedicated to those women with a passion for beauty in every sense of the word. You can find different tips for hair care, Make-Up, skin care, and maintaining your body.

#7. Website for Women. Our #2 website seems to have really tapped into the minds of women. When you enter the site you can instantly see that the site was made for specifcally for us. I love the various sections that they offer us and the great lengths they go to cover each topic. As an added bonus, I love that it contains entertainment sections such as horoscopes and decorations.

#6. Website for Women: This website is without a doubt, one of my personal favorites simply for the fact that it offers visitors an interactive experience with tons of polls and contests. There’s a section called “looks de calle” which is spanglish for “street looks” or “street styles” and in it you can find fabulous ideas for everyday outfits 

#5. Website for Women: This is one of the best websites in terms of advice for women. I highly recommend it due to their coverage of all things beauty, fashion and health related. It’s worth it to check out at least one of their articles.

#4.Webstite for Women. Revista Mujer knows that you are the protagonist whenever it comes to fashion and beauty. That’s why they dedicate their content to advice that can be super useful and easy to follow. Discover ways to fight frizzy hair, get the best out of your make-up and so much more.

#3. Website for Women. Enjoy the best advice for the women of today. Don’t fall behind, this website that has everyday advice to help you live a life of happiness and harmony. You can also read the complementary articles on men that will help you understand them(at least a little more) than before.

 #2. Website for Women. 1001 Consejos is one of the most complete website portals out there. Here you can find a variety of women-related topics at your fingertips. The women’s pages are written for women, by women. It’s obvious that they know what we’ve been searching for. You can find articles accross a wide range of topics such as skin care, health, homestyle recipes, vacation ideas, tips for travel and even tips on what to do for your first kiss

 #1. Website for Women.  As women, we can play many different roles in our daily lives. We’re multifaceted; we can be mothers, executives, wives, friends, and daughters. Here you can find articles and advice related to all those different roles that we take. Make sure you stop by to take a look!

 Don’t miss out on any of these top 10 Websites for women!

Top Websites for Women in Spanish written by Natalia Ramírez Peña, writer for Hispanic Directory

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