Top Models_a New Way of Slavery?

July 21, 2013 by vickylass  
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It´s what I think according to what I see around and I read in newspapers and magazines, but you, perhaps, have a different view.

So many years struggling for women´s rights. Decades, I´d say. This struggle started in Victorian England when women went out to struggle for their right to vote. Thereafter, there came more struggles. There was a right to full education and work. Women have fought like hell for their independence and not to be taken as mere decorative objects. 

A woman may marry or she may not, but while she has an education and is fully trained on a specific field, she will always be able to have a job. Of course, going into the job market and into a workplace isn´t free from struggle and to be taken into consideration,

Women have always fought for their right to be masters of their own bodies. We wanted to be the ones to decide whether we´re going to have children or not without no one interfering on our decisions.

Virgina Wolf said once that every woman to prevent being battered or exploited, should have her own room and income (Virgina Wolf on A room of her own) 

So many years struggling for our rights and all these struggles seem to have been flushed down the toilet. Women are again condemned to their solitude inside their home. Maternity is again idealised as though there weren´t enough of us living on the planet. Out of five unemployed, three or four of them are women. 

Publicity agencies need new faces (and bodies) to sell the same old products that others sold, because past top models are growing old. Some of them have married and have had children. Even if they´re still young, they aren´t good enough for the voracious sector of publicity. Therefore, they better stay at home rearing their own children just as our grandmothers did, but only with perhaps a bit more money and luxury. But the same old story repeats again.

Young girls will flock in publicity agencies eager to become the new face (and body) that goes round the world to sell us what others sold, and meanwhile only one or two will be the lucky ones to be chosen, thousands of other girls worldwide will imitate them, starving themselves to death in an attempt to be the next pretty face and skinny body that goes round the world, following big shots´s orders within the publicity business.

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. July 21, 2013.   

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