Tips on What Makes a Woman Sexy

May 18, 2009 by SonnyD  
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What makes a woman sexy.

Tips On How To Make Yourself Look and Feel Sexy

  1. Wear undergarments that make you feel sexy like lace, thongs, stockings, garters etc.

  2. Whenever possible wear clothes that compliment and accentuate your best qualities like your breasts, buttocks, hips, legs etc.

  3. Make sure your hair, nails, toe nails and makeup are done right – over doing it will make you look trashy.

  4. When you are eating a dinner with a partner – make sure you lick your lips every now and then and the umm… sound when you do it and say “that’s so good” or comments like that

  5. When out on a date/event/party – make sure you wear a dress that when you sit down you cross your legs in such a sexy way – that the other women in the room will be jealous.

  6. When around your partner on a date, in a park almost anywhere – even when you are in the kitchen – run your hands down from your neck to between your breasts and say “Is it warm in hear?”

  7. If you are sitting or standing by your mate, make it a point to reach over to grab something that is on his opposite side and nonchalantly and slowly rub your body ever so slightly and slowly over or against his.

  8. When out in public certain things will trigger a response of a man – colors other than black will turn their attention your way. So wear brighter colors that are more feminine. Hats, gloves whether long or short, fishnet stockings, anything that is not the usual every day wear. This can be done when you are going to a park or beach.

  9. Your perfume should be soft and alluring, nothing that is too strong scented will attract a man because it will remind them of their cologne and will be a turnoff. Make sure you put some on your wrists and behind your ears but not too much. Then when you rub your hands across his back or arm, your perfume scent will stay with him for the rest of the day.

  10. The main thing a man likes is a confident, secure woman who is self-assured but not self-absorbed. They like a woman that is confident but still acts like a demure, soft, lady.

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One Response to “Tips on What Makes a Woman Sexy”
  1. Alex Carpenter Says:

    Nice platitudes, but when’s the last time you’ve dealt with real live human men? Every man I know wants LOOKS and nothing more. And not just looks, but very specific looks. Tall, emaciated model types, or tiny cute blonde baby-doll looking girls. Somebody like me (who looks like Susan Sarandon) is told to her face she’s ugly because she doesn’t have fake breasts and (get this) has “too much of a sense of humor, and is too interested in men’s interests, like sports and music.” Personality? Doesn’t count. And brains and confidence are are downfalls, NOT a plus. Men want Barbie dolls who are stupid. But I’m glad for you that you buy the lie.

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