Tips on How to Avoid Rape

March 5, 2011 by obykal  
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This is strictly for ladies. I know you are curious guys, please for your safety do not open this!

·         Don’t go clubbing with a total stranger.  If you must, make sure one of your friends knows him

·         Don’t stay out late unless you got company

·         Look out for the tell-tale signs of drug addictions (itching, restlessness, sniffing and etc).  Most Drug addicts act on impulse.  They have the tendency of doing the unimaginable.

·         Avoid going to guy’s house on your first date

·         Watch out for date rape drugs.  Open your own drink or rather keep your eyes open while he pours your drink.

·         Don’t get drunk.   Getting drunk is the easiest way to get raped.

·         Avoid lonely driveways and sub ways at night

·         Don’t trust a stranger

·         Avoid leaving your doors open at night.

What to do few minutes before rape occurs; few tips on how to escape rape

.           Don’t fight the rapist. It will only get worse if you do

.           Relax.  Pretend as if you are interested in getting down with him. They are always edgy, try the talk thing.

·           If it didn’t work out, excuse yourself.  Go to the bathroom, turn on the shower and place a quick call to 911       

Most guys are always remorseful after the rape act.  This is because they were beclouded by hormones that calms down as soon as it’s over. So you can sit it out the bathroom till he calms down

.           Lock yourself in the bathroom till morning if need be or better still come out quietly when he’s asleep and sneak out of the house.

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  1. Minister Marlene Says:

    Good article! As you said don’t go to their home. Take friends, stay out of the street at night when alone etc. All very good tips that woman need to know.

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