Three Steps to Becoming a Classy Lady

March 24, 2011 by harriedwriter  
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Every woman wants to capture the essence of being a lady. This article is designed to get started on the path to being a real lady.

One glance through the old time movie section, and everyone is instantly struck by the women in these classics. What is it about Audrey Hepburn in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday? Her casual flair, her joy in life, her every action can be summed up in one word: Lady. Audrey Hepburn is the essence of a lady, but how did she do it? Where once upon a time, girls were sent to “finishing school”, now women have to rely on instinct to know exactly what this entails. If your instinct needs a little refocusing, here are three tips to becoming the lady you have always wanted to be.

1. Look the Part.

Every true lady has beauty within, and she’s a lady whether she’s exiting the opera in her finest pearls or coming in from getting up to her elbows in grease while fixing a carberator. Yet a lady respects herself, and realizes that her outer appearance should reflect what is inside. Personal hygiene is the first step to becoming a lady. Even if you’re staying inside, put on something a little nicer than just old jeans and a ratty t-shirt. The extra effort in the morning will remind you of your self-worth and help you put your best foot forward. So brush your hair and put on those sunglasses. A lady’s got a job to do!

2. What Comes Out of Your Mouth Reflects What’s Inside.

Stop swearing. Stop it. Swearing impresses no one and will only encourage others to take you less seriously. If you are swearing in casual speech, people will think your vocabulary is too small to adequately express yourself, or if you are swearing in an argument, people will think that you have no self-control. A lady always knows exactly what she means to say, and always keeps her cool. So stop swearing, down playing others or letting anything rude out of your mouth. Keep this up and you’ll become both more respected and people will come to trust you.

3. Believe in Yourself!

The number one way to convince others that you are a lady is to believe that you are one yourself. Every woman is a lady, all you have to do is demand that respect of others by your actions. When you have standards, others will respond. Perhaps they might disagree with it at first, but stick to your beliefs and eventually they will respect you for your integrity. Remember that you deserve to receive the same respect that you offer to others. No lady is someone else’s doormat!

While there are rules that are apply to everyone, each lady is different.  Take on these rules as your starting point and begin the journey to discover exactly who you are as a lady today! It is a beautiful journey, you’ll always be grateful that you started.

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