Three Reasons Women Lying to Her Boyfriend

May 30, 2013 by youngbie  
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Sometimes the world is not fair with the statement that he lied to a partner more than women.

Sometimes the world is not fair with the statement that he lied to a partner more than women. In fact, men and women have in terms of potential dama lying in a relationship.

If men often lie to the impression of ‘I’m cool’ or lie so that his girlfriend is not fussy and angry, then she had another reason while lying on her partner.

Afraid mate ‘Fleeing’

Many women lie about themselves, past, life and a lot of things for fear of their partners ‘fuzzy’ if you know the actual facts. Many women resist the urge to cover a lot of things to do in order to run smoothly and in addition to their regular partners. Comfort zone is what makes the women are willing to lie. Though this method can actually be a time bomb ready to explode at any time.

Want to Get Support

Basically, she wants to be noticed and loved. If he does not get two things from her partner, she will do some things to bring attention back to her partner. This could also lie to get sympathy done mate. For example, the woman arguing with a couple friends, women tend to exaggerate the situation by making himself in a state of innocence and the victim, so that the couple could be more sympathy and defend himself.

Upholding Too Perfection Relationships

Many women want relationships smooth and flawless, so that one lie after another lie created to create this relationship. For example, you do not like men who like smoking or drinking, but you say you are not a problem with all of it. In the end she will continue to hold ourselves to endure beside her partner.

Remember, ladies! Tiniest lie open. And as good as any reason you do lie, there will be a wounded heart. So beware and be wise!

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