Three Proves of Female Intelligence

February 27, 2013 by youmakemyday  
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This article uses three funny stories to point out female intelligence.

Did you know women are smarter than men? We are about to give you some solid proves. The following stories are just too charming not to be shared. Please keep smiling, this is strictly entertaining material.

Proof No. 1:

Three men were walking through some dense woods when they came across a wild river. How would they get to the other side of the river?

The first man knelt down and prayed: “God give me the strength to cross the river!”

* Amen! *

God gave him long arms and strong legs so he could cross the river.

The other man having learn from the previous also prayed: “Dear God, give me strength and some tools to cross the river!”

* Amen! *

God gave him a rope so he managed to get to the other side.

The third man having witnessed everything, kneeled down and prayed, “Dear God, give me strength and wisdom to overcome the river!”

* Amen! *

God turned a man into a woman. She checked the map … went upstream and crossed the bridge on the river!

Proof No. 2:

A group of women and a group of man were traveling to a meeting sharing the same train compartment. Each man had his own ticket but the entire group of women had only one. Men disapproved and hoped the arrogant woman got caught in the act. Suddenly one of the women exclaimed: “Here comes the conductor!” All the women got up and quickly hid in the toilet room. The conductor noticed that the toilet was busy and knocked on the door shouting: “Tickets please!” One of the women passed the ticket under the toilet door so the conductor left satisfied.

On their  way back, men opt for the same trick. They bought one sole ticket for the whole group but nevertheless, they were surprised to see that women had none. After a while one of the women announced: “Here comes the conductor!” Suddenly all the men swarmed in one of the toilets and shut the door. The women ran to the next toilet slightly bewildered. But just before the last one had managed to hide herself she knocked on the men`s room door, asking: “Tickets please!”

Can you imagine what happened next?

Proof No. 3:

A brain transplant was supposed to be done. The doctor asked the patient`s family which brain they wanted to be given to the patient: a men`s brain costing $ 2,000 or a women`s brain costing $ 200. The men looked at the women standing near by and they smiled complacently because the brain of a man was worth more. Then a woman asked why there was the difference in price. The doctor said that the female brain cost less because it was a used brain.

If you are still not convinced that women are smarter try telling these stories with roles reversed and someone will certainly laugh.

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