Things That Make Women Fall in Love

March 24, 2012 by Lovely Phu Phu  
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No need to overdo the treats women.

Certainly, some women want men gentleman, polite, and masculine. The opposite, she does not like the guy too much both in appearance, attention, or his attitude. So for men, it can be used as a cheat sheet so that women can be settled on you.

1. Clothes neat
A man will look more sexy in her eyes, as he dressed. Masculine impression will automatically appear here. It is sometimes forgotten by the men, they assume the appearance is not very important, but many women who will turn off when I saw a man with clothes that seem arbitrary. Wearing clothes too loose, for example. Or even wanted to show his six pack with clothes that are tight, this is simply not interesting.

2. Freeing friendship
Women do not like the guy who limit their friendships. The women of today prefer to conduct their activities without interference from their partners, including the gathering with his friends. Instead, they will adore the man who can get along with his companions. For the men, do not worry, this does not mean women do not notice but then they also need socialization than with her boyfriend.

3. Film “macho”
The men, not to look you’re watching Sex and the City. Women will immediately judge you too feminine, because the film is dedicated to women. So it should be, to arouse the attention of women, watching films that really inspired male. For example, a drama with a gentleman roles that protect women. In addition you will look masculine, women can also feel your social sensitivity.

4. Please
Men who can create a fun atmosphere are highly sought after by women. You said some pretty funny, or a little persuasion to make her feel comfortable around you.

5. Healthy Eating
Women themselves would choose men who look healthy. Including diet consumed, but not with the men who pick the food too. You would be impressed complicated life!
Choosing a healthy diet reflects that he is reliable and has a healthy, neat, and orderly.

6. Said politely
Said the man with a polite word will be directly guaranteed a place in the hearts of women. This guy looks more mature because it can keep the word, which must also be able to maintain its position. Unlike the man who looks sloppy.

7. Respecting the elderly
One more thing that makes her “melt” are men who have great respect for his parents. Psychologically, women will feel calm and comfortable to live with a man like this.

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  1. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    yeah friendship made me to fall in love every time.I don’t know when yellow rose of flower turns into red rose of love.
    but now I’ll never let my flower change.

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