The Violence Increases

October 30, 2012 by Tiki33  
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It’s sad to say that violence occurs throughout countries and nations. You may hear violence occurring in your city or state. The children are learning to ways to project pain to others and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

What can we say about violence? It seems to be the new way of communicating. Teens are no longer using their fist to fight, they are using destructive weapons. They are getting their hands on machine guns, 35mm, shot guns, and raffles. Parents are losing their children to the streets and the gang activity seems to be growing. There’s no violence free days. The news updates us on some new craze that’s destroying our communities. Mothers are crying out for help but no one seems to be listening.

Young men are thinking that their invincible. They are taking their frustrations out on others. Burglary seems to be increasing, they are robbing the elderly and thinking nothing of it. The police are having a difficult time keeping up with all of the allocated crime. A women is not safe walking down the street even in her own community. They are even attacking neighbors pets. The violence is out of control and what are we to do? Do they want to be saved?

The schools are having a difficult time protecting our children. The security may turn their heads because they don’t want the risk of being injured. It’s so sad that things are going down hill. The children don’t want to hear what adults have to say and that’s causing even more destruction. They are shooting and killing whom ever they believe is disrespecting them. In many cases they wouldn’t care if it was there own mother. Teens are walking around destroying property because they have nothing better to do.

Where are the male figures? Did they just give up on the future? Even ball players are getting into massive trouble. They are being charged with felonies, not considering their futures. Men are projecting domestic violence against women, even the police are found guilty of such acts. Violence is increasing in many ethic backgrounds, children are learning bad ways to cope with their issues. The adults are getting fed up and the children are no longer caring about their future.

The violence continue. The authority figures seem to have no authority at all. People are scared to come out there doors in fear of being attacked. There are more home invasions than ever. Th banks are feeling the violence as well. They are being robbed left from right. Security officers are being killed at point blank range. Wearing jewelry is dangerous, it’s possible that it could be snatched from a persons neck. The sadness grows because of the violent destruction. Something positive needs to happen and it needs to happen real soon!

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5 Responses to “The Violence Increases”
  1. nourisv Says:

    timely post! I think this violence is the result of too much involvement with individualism! Thanks for the post!

  2. Eunike Says:

    Very concern about this.

  3. manish007 Says:

    Brilliant share.

  4. Freddy Stone Says:

    Very informative article for sharing friend

  5. avissado Says:

    worrying but true

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